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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

An incredible year: August and September update!

It has been a most fantastic year, fast-paced beyond believe! I can only apologize for not updating this blog as regularly as I ought to, and give you all a blow by blow summary of what has happened over the last few months.

August was the month to reflect on what the TSTG has achieved over the past year and make plans for the new school year which started in September for the UK. Not to blow our own horn but to help us consolidate effort in the areas that have worked and find ways to expand the initiative, we outline five key achievements over the past academic year.

The TSTG has raised over £15,000 during the last academic year from UK school children, organisations and individuals. A further £4,873.75 was raised by the TSTG co-ordinator running the British 10K!

The TSTG blog has achieved 1,629 page views from December 2012 to August 2013. Not in 'danger' of going viral but pretty impressive particularly when you know that the British Library considers the content useful enough as a resource to have archived it!

New corporate relationship has been formed with Lloyds TSB Group to develop new engaging materials for the campaign.

The TSTG co-ordinator and Madrinha Trust's Head of Communications has been named a Commonwealth Study Conference Leader for 2014. Started by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, 'the CSCLeaders assembles exceptional people from across the Commonwealth to tackle global challenges and build the relationships needed by the leaders of tomorrow'. Way to go hunh?

On Thursday the 12th of September, the eve of the London Fashion Week, the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund hosted a fantastic Fashion show at the May Fair Hotel. Dubbed the 'Splendours of the Commonwealth', it was an extraordinarily colourful event! Showcasing designers from across the Commonwealth, the 'Splendours' was intended not only to celebrate Commonwealth Fashion but to also highlight the work of the CCLEF and to draw attention to the plight of girls across the Commonwealth. The event which was covered by MarieClaire and showed a masterpiece contributed by Jenny Packham who has designed for The Duchess of Cambridge among others, was breathtakingly glamorous to say the least! 

Watch out for Splendours of the Commonwealth 2014! It will be double the fun and raise an incredible amount!

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