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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The 'Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls Initiative' is at the BigGive Christmas Challenge 2013!


The BigGive Christmas Challenge 2013

What bigger Christmas gift than to give the gift of education?

The 'Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls Initiative'  of the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund (CCLEF) is taking part in the BigGive Christmas challenge this year!


An astonishing number of girls all over the world still do not have a chance to complete, sometimes even start, their education at secondary school level. Prejudice, domestic responsibilities, early marriage, HIV/AIDS, poverty and the need to earn income all mitigate against educating girls. When we give education, we know the gift will shared with families and communities so your gift will be passed on way beyond each sponsored girl helping to build personal and economic freedom.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge begins at 10am, Thursday 5th of December and then from 10am, Friday 6th December and from 10am, Saturday 7th December 2013. When you give online, the BigGive promises to match your donation!

Please click on the link below to give to the 'Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls' Initiative and give the gift of education to girls around the world!

Hurry as match funding finishes very quickly.


Many thanks,


To know more about the wonderful work of the CCLEF and the 1000 schools for a 1000 girls, visit

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