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Monday, 22 July 2013

Make a Difference Day (M.A.D) 2013!

Eltham Hill Girls' School staged another mind boggling 'Make a Difference Day'! M.A.D 2013 was as entertaining as that of 2012 only Bigger. Done in the school's brand new, State of the Art Gym, MAD 2013 featured a full professional catwalk with students from various year groups strutting their stuff.

There was singing, dancing, steel pans, fashion and accessories and of course a guest appearance by Ladi Dariya who thanked the students profusely for going to such lengths to fund-raise for the Education of Girls around the Commonwealth.

Every student brought in £1 for the privilege of participating in the various activities.

 All monies raised goes to the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund's 'A Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls' Initiative to enable more girls access secondary education.

What a difference £1 makes! What a difference we all make when we work together to make life better for someone else!

It was such a blast to be a part of this! Thanks Eltham Girls...keep the fire burning!


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