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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Audacity of Hope!

'I am a firm believer in hope, a firm believer in the greater good of mankind! It never ceases to amaze me how much people can give (of their time, talents and other resources) when they know it will make someone else's life better. Yes, I am incurably optimistic and mighty proud of it!' Ladi Dariya

So, Friday the 11th of October was the day Ladi Dariya, was given a '2 minute life-line' to speak at the 25th Annual General Meeting of the Association of Maintained Girls' Schools. Speaking to Head teachers and their deputies, she expressed her concerns about the lack of  will to support girls learning in many developing countries. She encouraged head teachers to invite the TSTG team to make presentations on the plight of girls around the world, at their various schools. The following Monday, Ladi spoke at the 3rd Annual Science Conference held at the institute of Physics. Stressing the need for a 'sisterhood' of support, she hoped that the roomful of girls from twenty five schools across the UK would recognise that 'with great privilege comes great responsibility' and support the education of others less fortunate than they are. The girls applauded the idea of supporting the education of other girls. The response following these presentations has kept the flame of hope burning inside of her.

Nothing but hope and the audacity of letting it and curiosity take over ones life could have led to this! On Friday the 18th of October, Ladi Dariya was very privileged to be presented to Her Majesty The Queen at a Reception held for Youth, Education and the Commonwealth in Buckingham Palace. She also had the opportunity of speaking with Princess Beatrice who expressed an interest in the work of the CCLEF and its TSTG. This is absolutely marvellous!

The Queen and I.

On Tuesday the 22nd of October, Ladi was invited as a guest at the opening of Eltham Hill High School. The Utra-modern new school which was 10 years in building is nothing short of beautiful! A questions and answers session with students on the CCLEF and the TSTG as well as an interview for the local newspaper followed.  

Fantastic achievement Eltham!

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