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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Finding a tiny inner Murray?

I just got home from running the British 10k! I never thought I would ever use 'fun' and 'run' in the same sentence but there...I have said it! It was a 'fun run'!

I am one of those people that never train (never seeming to find the time and all!), one of those who also set physically challenging targets and just hopes for the best on the day. Incredibly too, I give myself no room to fail, sometimes taking it for-granted that I would succeed just because my mind is set on it...Hah!

This year, I decided to do things differently; I decided to take part in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, a few days before the British 10k trusting this to serve as all the training I needed, boy was I wrong! Although I accomplished this in acceptable time,  running the JP Morgan 5.6KM Challenge made me realise how unfit I was, how little prepared I was for the big event. More to the point, it was too late to train! I needed to let my muscles (what little of it I had) recuperate for the Big Event! But was I going to let a little thing like sore muscles deter me? No! You betcha!

Got up bright and early today all raving and excited. I had a few blisters at the verge of healing but so what? My running shoes were not what the doctor ordered...I bought them in a sale not realising they weren't meant for running till I had worn them...minor setback. So I invested in an excellent pair of shoe laces...non slip!
 A blisteringly sunny day but so what? I said to myself 'surely this is an advantage, you herded goats in worst weather with no water and no breakfast! Here you are filled up on good cereal, two bananas and a litre of water! Get on with it'.

2km into the run, the sun became unbearable! I had sensibly put on a hat and a pair of sunglasses but 5 years of living in Aberdeen Scotland kind of made sure I wasn't as 'native' as I thought! Then horror of horrors, my 'non slip' shoe lace undid itself!

Was I going to stop and fix a shoe lace? I had grown up with the fear of stopping, of losing my momentum, of finding myself being unable to start again. Somehow, I have sort of carried that into everything without being aware I had! Although it is very short, I knew there was the possibility that the shoe-lace could trip me over and possibly cause me an injury but I didn't think I could stop of my own free will and be able to carry on again...I may find rest too irresistible.

5km into the run, another runner tapped me on the back and said 'Hey CCL, your lace is undone'. I said 'thanks' and stopped and tied it. I realised that I am all grown up now, my importantly, I own my own will! I can stop and start any time! I can look around and savour the fun of running for a cause so close to my heart, I can live in the moment!

Roll out the fun! So off I went, screaming encouragement to myself and others. Finding an inner strength and a sense of fun I thought was exclusively reserved for others. Not worrying, just being in the moment! The sun became not an inconvenience but a means of seeing all the vibrant colours around me...I broke my previous years' records with a massive grin on my face!

My heart-felt appreciation to all of you for continuing to do what you do to fundraise for girl education. I know it is sometimes not easy, you are also often uncertain if a difference is made. Take it from me, you do make a world of difference.

The big question is; will I do the Run again? Absolutely! With proper running shoes, no tricky laces and some training!

Just like our Wimbledon Hero Andy Murray never gave up, lets each find our own inner Murray (in all kinds of things/ways) and make the world better for girls!

Ladi and her daughters celebrate her British10K run!


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