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Friday, 1 March 2013


No matter how indifferent we pretend to be, we want to make a difference! We want to leave our footprints on the sands of time. However little we are able to contribute, the seed we sow is capable of growing into a big tree. This tree in its turn would have seeds that will make other trees… a single tree CAN start a forest!

The plight of girls in Developing countries hasn’t changed. Girls are still being denied education, yet history has shown time and again that educating women is the one thing that makes sense! If half the population is denied the means to contribute towards nation building how will an aspiring nation develop?

Every girl wants to play a part in developing her community; education gives her the ability to do so. Please help create change. Our target of sponsoring 1000 girls through secondary schooling in their own communities is not ambitious. The ripple effect however, will blow your mind! These girls will go on to support boys and girls in their 1000 communities, who will go on to support 1000s of others in other communities…do you start to get the picture? It is a fact that nearly 90% of income earned by girls go to their families and community.

Let’s change this

To this


Please give what you can. Most importantly, get your school, family, friends, organisation etc involved!

Let change start with you! Help make every girl count.

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Email: ladi.dariya@yahoo.co.ukto arrange a speaking engagement/assembly.


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