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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Eltham Hill makes a massive difference!

Tim Layton and I were invited to Eltham Hill Technology College for Girls (soon to be Eltham Hill School) for their 'Make a Difference Day' in support of the CCLEF's 'Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls' Initiative and what a difference they made!

From dancing, to cheerleading, to fashion shows and lots more, the girls made such an impression. These girls, who do not cease to amaze, also donated their old school uniforms to be sold as textile to enable them raise enough to put a girl or more through secondary school! They are providing an opportunity for these girls to have the chance of a better life...the chance that society denies them!

From angelic singing, to steel pans and sing-alongs...it was delightful. A triumph!

A huge 'thank you' beyond words!!

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