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Thursday, 17 November 2011

JustGiving- Support Us!

1000 Girls just like Us

School Children in the UK are Agents of Change!  
The CCLEF has seen this time and again; young people are not only leaders 
of tomorrow but also leaders of today!
Support us today!

In 1988, 
the students of Burntwood School in Wandsworth, South West London 
were touched by the plight of Beatrice from Kenya and I, a girl from a large 
polygamous family. My father had died leaving three wives and many children 
with no means of livelihood. I was selling bean cake and child-minding and 
walked 20km to and from school in a bid to get an education. 

In an unbelievable spirit of generosity,
 children from Burntwood School, some of whom were from economically 
disadvantaged backgrounds themselves, offered to support Beatrice and I 
through secondary school. They raised money through a variety of 
ingenious and fun activities to ensure that their peers in these 
faraway countries had a chance at a better life.  

I now have a Masters in Management 
and work to support girls to achieve their full potential. In 2010, 
I visited Burntwood School to thank them personally for ensuring that 
Beatrice and I had a life and a future. In their characteristic spirit of generosity, 
the students of this school then again offered to support two girls from Rwanda 
through secondary schooling!

What if,
we could find a thousand schools to each support one girl? 
What a splendid revolution we would start!  You do not need a lot 
of money to make a difference, get your school involved, do fun stuff 
and raise money to help change the course of history. 

You are capable 
of starting a massive wheel of change, you cannot leave it to someone else; 
you can cause change to happen! 

Sponsor a girl today
and see the difference you would make to lives, communities and nations.
From Pakistan to Papua New Guinea, Guyana to The Gambia, 
Bangladesh to Botswana, The Solomon Islands to St Vincent 
and the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago to Tanzania, Ghana to 
Grenada and beyond, the girl child needs your help and support! 

Join us in being part of the 
Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls Initiative!
You can help support these wonderful girls by clicking  here.

Raising money for

Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund

Charity Registration No. 1048908
Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund
The CCLEF brings hope of a better future through its secondary/high school sponsorship scheme. Over 400 bright but needy girls from 25 countries benefit annually. Sponsorship is individually tailored to meet their requirements, eg tuition fees, books, transport, boarding and examination fees. Contact and funding is channelled via the headteacher.

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